Artificial Reef 2 Dives

Price: $180.00

All gear included
5 nautical miles offshore

10 minutes in boat

18 m depth

The Two Mohawks
Two Mohawk aircraft approximately 20 metres long were sunk in 1996. Now home to large queensland groupers, sea turtles and large rays

The Ceratodus II
A 50 metre long Dredger scuttled in 1992 lay on her side in 10 to 20 metres of water, suitable for divers of all experience levels, can be explored inside and out.

King Air
A 17 seater light aircraft broken in half with the plane and tail section separated about 20 metres apart was sunk in 1997 making access to the inside very easy.

The Barge
Once used for the shipping of goods to Lady Elliott Island, she was sunk in 1999 and is already covered in much growth and many schools of small fish already call this home. She now rests in 15 metres of water at almost the most easterly point of the reef site.

The Two Light Ships
Sunk in 2000 they rest upright in 18 metres of water about 100 metres apart. They are 35 metres long and raise 8 metres off the bottom and growth already on them is incredible.