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Rescue Diver

The rescue diver course is probably the most important step in climbing the ladder towards becoming a highly qualified diver. The course aims to give the participant the skills and confidence to handle any problem situation. The diver is trained to recognize problems and act before any accident or injury occurs.

Course Summary

The course focuses on the early recognition and prevention of stress before and during a dive. The rescue diver will identify stress situation and act accordingly before it becomes a problem. It covers advanced theory on all major dive related injuries.

3 day Duration

The course can be completed during a week or split across multiple weeks.

Course Requirements

  • Must be a qualified Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Must have proof of CPR and First Aid Training within 2 years
  • Minimum age 12

Additional / Optional Fees

Additional / Optional Fee Price
SSI Stress and Rescue Online Study Kit (required for SSI course only) $90.00
PADI Rescue Diver Manual (Required for PADI course only) $90.00
Emergency First Response (First Aid & CPR Training - EFR boo $60.00) $100.00


Day One Classroom

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Day Two Pool Training

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Day Three Ocean Training

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